Minoura RDA-80 Rim Drive Dial Trainer

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Because there is no tire contact, there is no tire wear/noise or vibrations caused by the tire tread pattern. This means MTB riders do not have to change tires or have a 2nd bike to do indoor training, just put your MTB bike on and off you go.

For the serious MTB racers it means you can warm up before a race, on your actual race bike set-up, just like road racers. That means less gear to take and easier for you to get ready for a race.

  • Power Adjustability: 7 levels
  • Flywheel: Machined Steel - 0.8kg
  • Adaptable Wheel Size: 26" - 27", 700C
  • Net Weight: 8.0kgs
  • Max Load: 120kg (including bike)