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This is the dream delivered!

This is the dream delivered!

Deliver The Dream.

Eagle Transmission drops a seismic shift on what it means to shift a mountain bike. Built around the universal constant of the wheel axle itself, Eagle Transmission is a radically robust, fully integrated and interdependent wireless transmission that literally changes how we ride. It simplifies, strengthens and extends lifespan to new limits. It uses no derailleur hanger or adjustment screws and lets you shift flawlessly under maximum power.

Welcome to the dream made real.

Enabling Nirvana.

Utilizing the widely adopted frame design required for the Universal Derailleur Hanger, the Hangerless Interface allows Eagle Transmission to work around the one universal constant – the center of the rear axle. This opens up the possibility for perfect shifting, eliminates unnecessary parts and allows all other features to work in perfect relationship to this constant.

Give 'em your max.

All this sophistication and innovation means nothing if it doesn’t increase durability and longevity. Cassette Map’s precision makes Eagle Transmission cassettes and the all-new Flattop MTB chains our best shifting and our longest wearing.

Prepare. Hang. Tighten.

The entire setup procedure is completed in just three simple steps - with no special tools - and takes about two minutes total. Setup for Eagle Transmission is unlike any drivetrain that’s come before. Just follow the steps and get out there to ride like you’ve never ridden before.

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