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Dialed in Motion Bike Fit | What

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What is the Dialed in Motion Bike Fitting System?

Dialed in Motion is a bike fitting system that can measure body angles in motion by capturing video at over 50 frames per second, then freezing the motion at the exact point of interest.
It is suitable for all types of riders including Recreational, Competitive and Elite cyclists. Getting the right setup is paramount to making you the most efficient on the bike you can be. Improving your efficiency will increase your energy as well as make you more comfortable on your bike.

 Dialed in Motion can be used on most bikes including Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes & Triathlon Bikes.

Included in your Dialed in Motion Bike Fit
  • Cleat Adjustment
  • Saddle Height and Position Adjustment
  • Handlebar & Stem Adjustment
  • Full report

 Dialed in Motion Bike Fit