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Goodyear Newton MTF Enduro Tubeless Folding MTB Tyre

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The Newton MTF (Mountain Front), part of our range of mountain tires developed for gravity disciplines. A tire that feels most at home riding up front while smashing turns, holding grip on off-camber sections, finding that last bit of traction on wet roots, dusty rocks & nasty turns. Progressive block layout limits dirt buildup maintaining performance across a wide range of conditions.

From aggressive trail riding to the demands of downhill racing, the Newton MTF delivers consistent cornering bite, predictable braking control and premium performance in ever-changing conditions. The tread design features ramped center knobs to reduce rolling resistance, while tall, arch-supported side knobs provide fierce braking and cornering grip.

  • CONSTRUCTION | 2x120TPI A dual-ply, 120TPI construction, the 2x120TPI casing is supple and fast rolling with improved traction while providing high levels of support
  • COMPOUND | Grip3S Front specific, triple density 40/42/60a compound, offering the ultimate level of grip and slow rebound properties
  • PROTECTION | EN:Wall A butyl layer located within the casing ply that provides defence to cut and abrasion as well as providing extra sidewall support

27.5 x 2.50 / 65-584 / Grip3S Compound / Tubeless Complete / 1235g weight / 50psi Max
29 x 2.50 / 65-622 / Grip3S Compound / Tubeless Complete / 1300g weight / 40psi Max