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Goodyear Transit Tour Secure Wirebead Hybrid Tyre

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Modeled after the Goodyear Assurance All-Season automobile tire, the Transit Tour combines a durable, utilitarian construction with directional siped tread that offers unsurpassed all-weather traction.

Urban Flow

The urban jungle is unforgiving; you and your equipment must be tough enough to keep on rolling. Transit Tour is a fast-rolling urban tire combining confidence-inspiring handling with great durability.

Unsurpassed All-Weather Traction

Constructed to eBike approved standards with reflective side strips to enhance twilight and night visibility, the Transit Tour provides robust flat protection along with a comfortable ride for your next journey.

Construction | Secure

The Transit Tour Secure offers the ultimate in puncture protection and sidewall armor. A 5mm puncture protection belt sits just below the tread, and sidewall protection secures from slashes to provide ultimate peace of mind.


The Transit Tour range of urban tires is all about reliability, security and safety. Your bike is your tool, come rain or shine, night or day… you will be out there in the wild, getting home from work or heading out to meet friends. You cannot beat a great set of lights for your bike, and we have you covered. Sidewall strips ensure a continuous reflective glow from the circumference of your wheel area when illuminated. That extra piece of safety can make all the difference.

E-bike Rated

The range of Goodyear Transit tires are designed to work with modern eBikes.

Type Compound Technology Size Weight Max PSI
Secure Dynamic Sidewall Protection / Sidewall Reflect 700 x 35 889g 80psi
Secure Dynamic Sidewall Protection / Sidewall Reflect 700 x 40 1009g 80psi