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Kica K1 Massage Gun

by Kica
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Kica massage gun can help relieve muscle soreness by releasing lactic acid from the muscle. It can also reduce muscle friction by high-frequency percussions so that muscles can be stretched. Friction is a massage technique used to increase circulation and release areas that are tight, particularly around joints and where there are adhesions within the muscles or tendons.

  • FUNCTION PRINCIPLES Massage Gun Deep Ttissue Massage Gun KICA provides a percussive therapy for workout recovery/warm-up to relieve your muscle fatigue, soreness and pain. Reducing muscle tightness and stiffness by percussion that increase liquid hyaluronic acid to keep from being solid, stimulate relative proprioceptor to release muscle stress. Muscle massage gun also encourages blood flow, decrease adhesion between fascia and muscles, improve range of motion and flexibility.
  • APPLICATION Muscle Gun Massager Deep Tissue KICA is perfect for people from gym-goers, athletes, rock-climbers who want to restore body faster, promote muscle recovery after high-intensity workouts or exercise, to sedentary office/manual worker who is / potentially with chronic pain, to professional like fitness instructor, physical therapist, chiropractor etc. It can also be used to warm-up before exercise for the younger and the elder.
  • POWER LONG LASTING Deep Massager Gun KICA is built in 2200mAh High-density rechargeable lithium battery, providing 11H no-load 1stlevel, 7H cylinder header 2nd level/ball head 3rd level battery life, taking 1.5H to be fully charged; Powerful brushless motor brings high power (Max:3800rpm) which can reach as deep as 6 millimeters into your soft tissue.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL, SAFE 4 Massager Gun Heads provide targeted treatment for every body muscle group. Ball Head: for a large muscle group like thigh, calf, waist, arm and hip; U Head: for the spine, neck and achilles tendon; Flat Head: for any parts of the body like back, waist etc. Cylindrical Head: for deep tissue like meridians, joints and acupoints etc; 4 scientific gradual level from muscle awakening, fascial relaxation ,deep massage to professional mode providing safety-protection.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN All in One button operating for power and level adjusting, easy to use; Mini (similar to iPhone 8) and lightweight (only 1.09lbs) handheld ergonomic aviation aluminum alloy design make it portable to carry and use anytime anywhere.