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Magicshine MJ 902S E-Bike Front Light

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The Magicshine MJ 902S is equipped with two super bright and power efficient LEDs, with a maximum verified output of 3000 lumens. It provides 15 possible brightness settings including Daytime Running Light mode, covering all environments and riding scenarios. Aside from the independent Daytime Running Light mode, we have further improved on the safety features for the road and urban cyclists, including side lighting and vertical lens grating, making it easier on the eyes of oncoming traffic.

When powered by an e-bike’s electric motor, MJ-902S auto adjusts its output within 6V-12V DC voltage. Compatible with mainstream motors from manufacturers like Bosch, Brose, Shimano and Yamaha. When the day comes to an end, MJ-902S will switch from daylight mode to night mode automatically without user input. No matter day or night, MJ-902S is always with you!

Limited Power

Product Power

10 4-8 400-1000
20 10-18 1800
30 20-28 2800
40 30-37 3000