MET Elfo Kids Helmet

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Other examples of specific adaptations: the back of the helmet is almost vertical to enable the child to sit up straight in the bike seat and then there is the Bimbi-Secure internal geometry concept. It ensures there is no contact between the helmet and the fontanel, the most fragile zone of the child’s head, even on impact.

  • IN-MOULDING INTELLIGENT FUSION / Different densities of material, depending on the characteristics of each model
  • BIMBI SECURE / In the event of an impact, the shock is dispersed away from the fontanels, the area of the skull which doesn’t fully close until after the first years of life
  • BIMBI PLUS / The back of the helmet is designed vertical and flat so the children can lean back and hold their head up comfortably in the baby seat
  • INTEGRATED VISOR / Extra protection for the eyes and the face of the child
  • SAFE-T e-TWIST / LED light, which is easy to press on, is integrated into the central dial adjuster
  • ANTI-PINCH BUCKLE / Designed to avoid any pinching, even when used clumsily
  • ANTI-INSECTS NET / Prevents insects from entering the helmet through the front air intakes
  • REFLECTIVE STICKERS / At night or in tunnels, they make the bike visible to drivers approaching from behind
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL / 46-53cm