Minoura Advanced Rollers

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  • 80mm diameter roller drum - It's the fact that the smaller diameter of roller drum, the greater the resistance. Advance adopts 80mm diameter roller drum to get more natural resistance than Action Magroller's 105mm roller. However, it's not so much different. We can say Action Magroller simulates flat road with tail wind, and Advance simulates head wind
  • Another merit on smaller diameter - Another merit on smaller diameter roller is that the distance between bike and floor gets closer. On rollers, the upper level of roller drum is the virtual floor level. Actual floor is located much lower. So you cannot reach the floor even if you extend your leg, and it's the reason why beginners feel "Rollers is dangerous". Advance's smaller diameter roller makes the virtual floor level 25mm lower than Action Magroller, so it eliminates psychological apprehension
  • Foldable frame - One of the purpose on developing Advance is providing enjoyable rollers at reasonable price. For this reason, Advance adopts simpler fold-in-two frame besides Action Magroller adopts much more compact but more complicated fold-in-three frame. The frame is constructed with light alloy material for being lightweight, easy to transport, and anti-rust against salty sweat
  • Compatible with wide variety of wheel size - To enable to fit your own bike as perfectly as possible, the front roller is position adjustable in 5 points, and the rear roller is adjustable in 2 positions. With this design, Advance is compatible with wide variety of wheel size; from 24"/650c to 27"/700c. The exact compatible wheelbase size is from 950 to 1,090mm (+-10mm).