Acentia Geminus Saddle

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Slightly wider than the Fortis and with thicker padding, the Geminus is an excellent choice for those who mix in a bit of off-road riding with city riding. The Geminus Aura adds center cutout for added relief to surrounding soft tissues.

  • ArcFlex Plus - ArcFlex "Plus" softer density base shell to offer even greater overall energy absorption
  • Injection Molded - Unlike conventional saddles with glued or stapled covers, Injection Molded saddle covers are fused (molded) with the padding, onto the saddle base for enhanced protection against rips and tears
  • Silicon Gel Pad - A dense gel, Silicon Gel Padding provide greater energy absorption over conventional foam padding
  • 270mm x 175mm
  • Sit-bone Width: 70 - 150mm
  • Steel Rail
  • 506g