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Cateye AMPP 400 / Orb Recharge Lightset

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Impressive functionality, improved visibility, and a good price point, the Cateye AMPP 400 and ORB Rear Light set offer a quality performance without breaking the bank.


Safety first, the AMPP400 comes with maximum side visibility, securely held in place with our adjustable FlexTight™ bracket.

  • Rechargeable headlight (400 lm)
  • Wide beam with OptiCube™ lens technology
  • Excellent side visibility
  • Low battery indicator (Illuminates in red with less than 20% battery remaining)
  • USB rechargeable (Micro-USB cable included)
  • Mode memory function
  • Four light modes (High / Low / Daytime HyperConstant / Flashing)
  • Turns on High mode with double-click of power button
  • FlexTight™ bracket
  • Improved release button has made it easy to remove the light unit from the bracket

Dimension: 34 x 100 x 37 mm
Weight: 117 grams (light unit and battery)
Light source:High intensity white LED X1
Run time: High mode 400 lumens: 2hrs, Low mode 200 lumens: 4hrs, Daytime HyperConstant mode 400/200 lumens: 6hrs, Flashing mode 200 lumens: 60hrs
Battery: Li-ion rechargeable battery (3.6V-2200mAh)
Recharge time: approx 4-8hrs (USB2.0 recharge)
Recharge/discharge number of times: about 300 times(until the rated capacity drops to 70%)
Other: Low battery indicator, lighting mode memory function, Helmet mount / Center fork bracket (optional)


Look no further than the ORB front light. It's compact, lighweight and neat. With varying flashing modes, the ORB Rechargeable helps you to be seen out on the road.

  • Lens functions as push-button
  • USB rechargeable (Micro-USB cable included)
  • 3 modes *Charging time: 3.5h
  • Robust aluminum body
  • Versatile rubber strap mount

Dimension: 27 x 27mm
Weight: 25g (with batteries)
Light source: Red LED X1
Run time: Rapid flashing - approx 5 hrs, Slow flashing - approx 5 hrs, Constant - approx 2.5 hrs
Battery: Li-ion USB rechargeable
Recharge time: 3.5 hrs (USB2.0)
Mount Size: 22-32.0mm