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Lezyne Macro Drive 1300XXL / Strip Drive Pro USB Lightset

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SKU 4712806002589
Colour: Black

Macro Drive 1300XXL USB Front Light

The Macro Drive 1300XXL is a new high-powered LED cycling light offering up to 1,300 lumens of output. It features our Tri-Focus optics, which creates a brighter center spot in a large wide-angle pattern. It’s constructed from machined aluminum and has cooling fins that optimize performance. The light is micro-USB rechargeable and it can run for up to a massive 148 hours on a full charge. A versatile strap secures it to a variety of handlebar sizes.

Max Output - 1300 lumens
Weight - 345g
Max Runtime - 148 hours
Recharge Time - 3:30 hours
Runtime - Blast (800lm) 4hrs, Enduro (450lm) 8hrs, Economy (150lm) 23hrs, Femto (15lm) 148hrs, Flash (150lm) 42hrs, Pulse (150lm) 39hrs, Overdrive (1300lm) 2:30hrs

Strip Drive Pro USB Rear Light

The new Strip Drive Rear Pro has been optimized with our new Wide Angle Optics lens (270° of visibility) and received a massive 32.5-hour increase in maximum runtime for up to 53 hours. It still features a class-leading 300-lumen Daytime Flash mode, in addition to 10 other output options thanks to its five LEDs. Its co-molded construction is now more compact, and can be mounted to aero or round posts. Equipped with a micro-USB port, charging simple and efficient.

Max Output - 300 lumens
Weight - 53g
Max Runtime - 53 hours
Recharge Time - 2 hours
Runtime - Blast (50lm) 3:00hr, Enduro (25lm) 5:30hrs, Economy (5lm) 22hrs, Flash 1 (35lm) 8hrs, Flash 2 (25lm) 6:30hrs, Flash 3 (25lm) 7hrs, Flash 4 (35lm), 6hrs, Flash 5 (10lm) 22hrs, Flash 6 (5lm) 53hrs, Day Flash 1 (300lm) 5hrs, Day Flash 2 (150lm) 7hrs