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Wahoo KickR RollR Smart Trainer

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Combining the real ride feel of KickR with the natural motion of rollers, KickR RollR makes it easy to transition from outdoor riding to indoor training. Nothing beats the convenient training experience and natural ride feel that rollers provide. With a dual-roller design, app controlled resistance, enhanced safety features and the ability to add power-based training, the KickR RollR frees the rear wheel to deliver the ultra-smooth, natural ride feel cyclists long for, with the proven performance advantages only Wahoo can deliver.

  • REALISTIC RIDE FEEL KICKR ROLLR incorporates the legendary KICKR flywheel technology and proven algorithms to 
emulate the experience of riding outdoors, especially when using virtual training platforms 
like Wahoo SYSTM or Zwift
  • HIGH-INERTIA FLYWHEEL Engineered for reliability, the 10.5 pound flywheel in the KICKR ROLLR provides precise inertia needed to recreate an outdoor ride feel while training indoors
  • CONTROLLED RESISTANCE KICKR ROLLR smart trainer automatically responds and adjusts resistance via your favorite training app or software
  • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE CONSTRUCTION Built from the same high-quality, robust materials 
used across all Wahoo KICKR trainers, KICKR ROLLR 
is designed to withstand the rigors of high intensity training
  • ADVANCED CONNECTIVITY ANT+ and Bluetooth® capabilities allow the KICKR ROLLR to connect to smartphones, GPS devices, and FE-C enabled devices or applications.